Easing Menstrual Cramp with Magnesium

Magnesium is essential to ease your period pain as it improves pre-menstrual symptoms immensely. Levels of the mineral drop during the second half of a female’s menstrual cycle, which probably explains the PMS symptoms that women experience during that time.

If you always suffer from  PMS symptoms such as irritability, headaches, cramps and bloating, your body is probably telling you that you need Magnesium boost.

Use a little of Bonne Huile's Magnesium Oil daily on the lower abdomen to help ease the cramp. Also soak your feet with Bonne Huile's Magnesium Flakes to get 20 minutes of relaxation while watching your favourite show on Netflix!

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Looking for natural products that actually deliver results is always a challenge to many. In Bonne Huile, we make sure end users could reap maximum benefits from plants and minerals using innovative techniques that work, and most importantly, the right ingredients from the right source.