Magnesium to fight body odour

Body odor can be extremely embarrassing. People who have this problem often found themselves avoiding human contact at times because the smell can get too unbearable. Everyone sweats, especially after a heavy workout, but some of us produce a smell that is unbelievably too strong.

And that's not something that you can simply ignore, as how you smell can be an indicator of a mineral deficiency, rather than a deodorant deficiency.

Magnesium is needed by every organ in your body including your muscles, heart and kidneys. It could have an effect on your intestinal flora and is needed to deodorize your internal organs, which helps with body odor, says cardiologist Robert Segal, MD.

So, if you have been experiencing excessive body odour, along with symptoms of Magnesium deficiency such as cramping, twitching or numbness, anxiety, and allergies, then it could be that you are lacking in this mineral.

While you can get your Magnesium from foods high in the mineral such as  dark chocolate, whole grains, legumes, nuts and tofu, it is  incredibly difficult to get adequate levels needed due to our depleted soil. Since oral supplementation of Magnesium is found to have laxative side effects to some, the best method for optimal absorption is transdermal (through your skin).

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