Some people get severe morning sickness that they need frequent trips to the hospital while some people go through months of pregnancy like their usual selves.

The latter make pregnancy look so easy, while for the former, pregnancy, eventhough how beautiful it's always documented, is hell to them.

When you're throwing up non-stop, you tend to get stressed up easily, and one who went through this episode might have wondered - why don't some people experience morning sickness?

Or why are yours seem so terrible you just get traumatised with the idea of getting pregnant again - not because you can't handle the birthing part, or raising a kid. You just don't want to spend months vomiting again.

Those of you who have had miscarriages might get told that throwing up typically means a healthy baby, so not throwing up is a little unnerving. It's understandable. It's normal to have a bout of nausea or morning sickness when you're pregnant, especially during the first trimester. But it's not fun when you have to spend the whole day in the toilet all day long. We are talking about Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), the severe type of morning sickness.

VOMITING hurts. It's not something that people can make fun of. It's depressing.

Apart from many tips on how to reduce morning sickness, including eating dry crackers first thing in the morning, or munching ice cubes, supplementing yourself with Magnesium is also a viable option.

Studies have shown that improving levels of certain nutrients – particularly Vitamin B6 – which is found in Magnesium, often improves symptoms of morning sickness. That may be because they play a role in hormone balance – particularly the regulation of the hormone cortisol – which affects blood sugar.

Low blood sugar can cause nausea, which is why many doctors and midwives recommend eating frequently to help stabilize blood sugar (every 2-3 hours) when nausea is present.

According to Dr Carolyn Dean, Author of The Magnesium Miracle, fluctuating hormones also affect our magnesium levels. Many women find that by restoring their Magnesium levels through diet and supplementation, morning sickness symptoms can reduce.

Among food that are rich in Magnesium is leafy greens like spinach, cashews, almonds, avacados and some fishes like salmon and mackarel.

However, if you found yourselves having problems gobbling down Magnesium-rich food, especially when nausea takes over, then it might be timely to seek help from Magnesium Oil. It is an easier and faster choice, compared to oral supplementation (capsules/tablets). It is also the safest option!

Apart from helping with morning sickness, Magnesium Oil is also highly recommended due to its other uses :

As your bumps grow, sleep can be difficult. Stretching belly and ligament pain can cause aches and pain that would disturb your sleep. Magnesium does help relax GABA receptors in your brain and nervous system, of which it would lead you to falling asleep easier. It also relaxes your tired body and quieten the mind.

One of Magnesium top uses is relaxing the muscles, so don't be surprised if you notice that you don't often get leg cramps, unlike your previous pregnancies, if you start tanking up Magnesium in your routine.

Studies have shown that Magnesium does help in decreasing the occurrences of certain complications, like pre-eclampsia and low birth weight.

As you read it, and you are not yet pregnant but planning to, you are actually on the right track. Start to use Magnesium Oil at least three months before you conceive as it would give your body ample time to restore the Magnesium level, and this would help in reducing morning sickness symptoms. This is especially for those with history of severe morning sickness in previous pregnancy.

Pregnancy should be a beautiful journey. Don't hurry through it, just because you don't enjoy being sick. Be prepared. Get healthy. Make sure you get enough Magnesium before and throughout this beautiful phase of growing a human inside you.


Lots of Love,
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